Á dögunum hefur verið fjallað vel um Greiningu Sjávarklasans á vexti í íslenskri sjávarlíftækni og fullvinnslu aukaafurða í erlendum miðlum tengdum sjávarútvegi. Á fis.com, sem er leiðandi alþjóðlegur miðill í sjávarútvegi, segir meðal annars:

„The study, which was developed by Iceland Ocean Cluster, reported a growth of 17 per cent in the 2011-2012 period in these fishing industry sub-sectors, the fastest-growing ones in the industry. Provided that this pace in growth continues, these two sectors will surpass the base industry in the next 15-20 years.

The analysis stressed the need for opportunities in advanced marine processing and ocean biotechnology to be taken advantage of and points out that if biotech companies, fisheries and other seafood firms cooperate closely, many new opportunities in the industry will be available, as well as a better use of raw material and new product development support.“

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