Top ten highlights of the Iceland Ocean Cluster in 2016

  1. 70 companies are now a part of our community in the Ocean Cluster House – 20% increase from last year.
  2. Several of our startups received awards for excellence: Entrepreneur of the Year, Rising Star Awards etc. Great stuff.
  3. We were awarded the Best Office Space in Iceland 2016 by Nordic Startup Awards.
  4. Number of visitors at the Ocean Cluster House in Reykjavik in 2016 increased by 20% from previous year.
  5. Our new cluster in New England had a great first full year – inspiring fisheries to use more of their seafood!
  6. Codland, one of our first spin-offs, introduced new marine collagen products to the market which were well received.
  7. Our 100% Fish project emphasizing full utilization of seafood products currently used as landfill in many countries, is making a wave!
  8. The IOC announced the planned opening of the first food hall in Reykjavik in 2017 at Hlemmur.
  9. Lyst- Future of Food venue was held for the first time and is a part of our stategy to become a game changer for startups in all food related in Iceland.
  10. Never in the IOC history have more cities or states shown interest in setting up ocean cluster houses similar to ours in 2016.

We are extremely pleased with the year 2016 and honored by the interest and enthusiasm which we find all around for the 100% movement we are a part of – using our skills and coop to treat our natural ocean resources sensibly and create more value and jobs while doing so.

We wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year.