Ten reasons why we are proud of 2018 #oceancluster:

1. We are the new Coop movement! 70% of tenants in the OC House collaborating with one or more companies in the OC House.

2. We are more fish “nerdish” than ever. The IOC published “futuristic” analysis each month. We did for example a blockchain study (which we actually still dont perfectly get😊).

3. Never in our very long history have the startups in the OC House received more grants – thanks to Inspiralia and Evris.

4. We opened the first Tourism Cluster House in the world in collaboration with the Tourism cluster.

5. Co-Co-Co! Our OC House was awarded the Best co-working space in Iceland and runner up for the Nordic awards.

6. More siblings: a new sister cluster in the US, Pacific Northwest Ocean Cluster, was established – and we are superexcited.

7. New startup accelerator, Sea and Land. Its the first of its kind in Iceland focusing on ocean and agriculture.

8. 170 thousand guests enjoyed our new street food hall, Grandi Mathöll, at the OC House.

9.. We love Superclusters! The IOC partnered with the Canadian Ocean supercluster.

10. . The green wave is here! NAVIS naval architects at OC House are now developing electric fishing boats for the world.

Thank you for all your support & happy 2019!