This year, Iceland Innovation week (22nd-26th May) is focused on all the wonderful blue and green innovation happening in Iceland and around the globe and being fuelled by exciting entrepreneurs, founders, scientists and big business with a desire for sustainability impact in common.

Iceland Ocean Cluster is excited to be both a pivot partner and popping up all over the agenda during Innovation week and opening our doors and sharing about our domestic and international projects all focused on the blue and circular economies.

There are three big events to come and meet us at:

  • Ocean Stories run by Astrid and hosted at the Iceland Ocean Cluster 22nd May 18:00-2:00.
  • Ok Bye: Iceland Ocean Cluster will be showcasing our 100% fish movement at a booth 24th May 09:00-14:00
  • Blue Open House: Come and visit some of the most dynamic blue companies in Iceland and explore the Ocean Cluster House May 25th 14:00-18:00.