The Icelandic Ocean Cluster supports the social organization Young Entrepreneurs in Iceland, which is a part of the international organization Junior Achievement (JA). JA’s goal is to prepare young people for the future and increase their skills for employment and job creation by promoting increased innovation, entrepreneurship and business education in schools.
In Young Entrepreneurs’ Business Workshops, which operate in schools in Iceland, students at the age of 16 – 19 start and run their own companies, thereby enhancing their understanding of business operations and the development of business ideas. JA – the Business Workshop has been recognized by the European Commission as “Best Practice in Entrepreneurship Education”.
At a harvest festival held in April each year, a panel of judges selects winners in various categories. The company that wins the title “Company of the Year” takes part in the European competition for young entrepreneurs.
On November the 28th, young entrepreneurs from the Fjölbrautaskólinn in Garðabær came to see us to learn about the entrepreneurial activity and innovation that takes place in Iceland’s fishing industry. It will be exciting to follow the entrepreneurs of the future.