One of our primary objectives as a cluster and incubator is to connect people, whether to foster the creation of innovative ideas or to help those ideas reach their full potential. To support this mission, the Iceland Ocean Cluster (IOC) organizes various initiatives, including investment days, where startups in the blue and green economies can meet with like-minded investors.

Earlier this year, on February 22nd, the Iceland Ocean Cluster hosted an investment day that brought together over 30 startups and 20 investors for one-on-one meetings. Our previous event focused on blue and green solutions, and due to the growing demand for sustainable innovations, we are continuing with this theme.

We are excited to announce that on September 27th, we will host another investment day, once again dedicated to blue and green solutions. This event will provide startups with a unique opportunity to pitch their ideas, receive valuable feedback, and build meaningful connections with investors who share their vision for a sustainable future.

We have already heard back from a couple of investors and startups that have either invested or have shown interest in investing.

Does your company fit our agenda?

  • If you believe that your company can lead to a more sustainable future you fit our agenda, then it is only up to you to convince the investors that your solution is the right one!

Interested in investing?

  • Available to all investors: We accept both VC funds as well as angel investors so feel free to contact us if you are interested in meeting green and blue startups both from Iceland and abroad and have a chat with them.
  • No commitments: We view the cluster as a neutral ground for investors and startups so there are no monetary commitments required. We only require your participation, your attention and your feedback.
  • Handpicked companies: In order to ensure that your participation is as valuable as possible we can cooperate with you in selecting the companies you would be interested in meeting and potentially investing in.

If you are interested in participating please apply here.