IOC Investor Day

We are excited to announce that the IOC Investor Day will take place on September 27th. This event is a great opportunity for innovative companies to connect with investors and present their ideas and vision for the future.

The program will consist of short, focused meetings where each company will have 25 minutes with each investor. This gives companies the chance to present their startup, share future plans, and answer investors questions. At the end of the day, we will host a brief networking event where participants, both entrepreneurs and investors, can connect.

Based on past experience, this setup fosters deeper and more effective communication between companies and investors, potentially leading to valuable partnerships and investments. Our goal is to create a platform for startups to connect with high quality investors, both locally and internationally.

The event is part of an ongoing collaboration between the Ocean Cluster, the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Climate and the Circular Economy Cluster, aimed at supporting entrepreneurs with a focus on green and sustainable solutions. Last February we hosted a similar event where over thirty entrepreneurs and more than twenty investors came together. The project has already resulted in several investments, and discussions are ongoing between foreign investment funds and local startup companies.

If you have a startup that contributes to a more sustainable future, don’t miss this opportunity and apply here or send us an email at

The application deadline is 1st of September