The Iceland Ocean Cluster and its “100% fish” project is in one of the main roles in a new documentary on PBS in the USA called “Hope in the Water”. The series, which is three in number, focuses on projects and entrepreneurs worldwide and aims to show how improved access to the ocean can create opportunities.

The episode dealing with the Icelandic sea cluster will be shown on the CBS station on July 3rd. The series has already been released on the CBS website and will be distributed worldwide. The shows’ producers are David Kelley, who has produced, among others, the show Boston Legal, Ally McBeal and Chicago Hope, and Andrew Zimmern, a well-known producer of shows about cooking in the United States. The series is directed by Brian Peter Falk, who has directed several films in the United States. Well-known persons present the projects discussed. Behind this project is the American environmental organisation Fedbyblue, whose founder is Jennifer Bushman, who has been a leader in the discussion about sustainability in the fishing industry on a global scale. She will visit the Icelandic Maritime Cluster at the beginning of July and will meet a large number of Icelandic entrepreneurs related to the maritime industry.

The third episode will be shown, as mentioned on July 3, and the Sea Cluster and innovation in the Icelandic fishing industry will be discussed. There is, among other things, how Icelandic entrepreneurial companies have turned cod by-products into valuable substances for healing and improving health. Gísli Matthías Auðunsson, a chef in the Vestmanna Islands, shows the audience how by-products can be used much better in cooking, and a visit is made to Ölgerðinn, which produces energy drinks from e.g. fish record while working with the innovative company Feel Iceland. Products produced from Icelandic fish leather are shown, and the number could go on. It is also shown how Sjávarklassinn, Matís, Marel and other partner companies of the cluster have helped regions such as the states that surround the Great Lakes in the United States in making full use of marine products there.

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