We had a great visit from students and teachers from Austevoll, Norway that are all studying aquaculture and fisheries this week to the Iceland Ocean Cluster.

The aquaculture and fisheries sector in Iceland provide an excellent landscape to study two established and constantly evolving industries that have unique characteristics and exciting futures here.

They were welcomed by Dr. Alexandra Leeper, our managing director of international affairs who is always happy to talk about all things fish. They were given a tour of the facilities present in house to support entrepreneurs within the blue economy. The students were also introduced to a brief history of fisheries in Iceland and how it has paved way for innovations in maximum utilization of fish catch. The visit also gave them a chance to learn about the thriving aquaculture industry in Iceland, one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country.

As an organization dedicated to supporting the growth of the ocean economy, we’re excited to see young people taking an interest in this field. Our educational tours provide an excellent opportunity for students to learn about entrepreneurs and projects within the blue economy in Iceland. Moreover, our members and friends in house at Fisktækniskólinn,  provide courses in aquaculture studies at the vocational level. For more information check out their webpage www.fiskt.is.