The Iceland Ocean Cluster received the visit of Sonia Bichet, Meilleur ouvrier de France as fish monger.

Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (MOF) translates to “Best Craftsman of France”. It is a prestigious and highly respected title and competition in France that recognises and celebrates exceptional craftsmanship and expertise in various trades and professions. The MOF competition covers a wide range of disciplines, including culinary arts, pastry, carpentry, and many others. Sonia Bichet earned her MOF title as fish monger.

As part of her globally world tour, “Twenty thousand places on the sea“, renowned seafood chef, fish monger and shucker Sonia Bichet recently embarked on a fascinating journey to Iceland and visited the Iceland Ocean Cluster. Here, she delved into the world of fish innovation and learned about the 100% FISH project carried out by the Iceland Ocean Cluster.

One aspect of the 100% FISH  project that interested Sonia was the use of fish skin to create leather. Fish skin leather represents the epitome of turning a by-product into something valuable and environmentally responsible. The process involves tanning fish skins to produce high-quality, durable leather, which has diverse applications in the fashion and accessories industry.

The concept of fish skin leather is a testament to the limitless possibilities when it comes to sustainable seafood practices. Sonia Bichet, whose culinary expertise has been primarily centred around seafood, recognised the beauty of this transformation from the kitchen to the world of fashion and beyond. She applauded the Iceland Ocean Cluster’s commitment to reducing waste, promoting sustainable practices, and fostering innovation within the seafood industry.

Sonia Bichet’s visit to the Iceland Ocean Cluster served as a meeting point between culinary excellence and sustainable innovation. It exemplified how a project like 100% FISH  can push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of seafood. The Iceland Ocean Cluster was truly honoured by her visit and greatly appreciated having her share her passion for seafood and her unwavering drive for more sustainable practices in the seafood industry with us. As she continues her world tour, Sonia Bichet will undoubtedly carry the inspiration and insights from her Icelandic visit, spreading the message of sustainable seafood practices and the incredible potential that lies within the oceans.

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