The project Nordic Ways is a book of short insightful essays written by distinguished authors from all five countries representing a broad spectrum of Nordic life. The project features an impressive and august array of nearly 50 authors representing all five Nordic countries. The ultimate goal is to provide a long-term platform for what it means to be Nordic in business, as environmental stewards, in the arts, culture, innovation, education and in commitment to democratic values. There is growing interest in the United States in Nordic societies and attention being paid to Nordic solutions: cutting edge innovation in technology and design, arts, culture, liberal democratic values, including gender equality and a free press, environmental responsibility, and economic success achieved on a global level in partnership with employees.

Dr. Thor Sigfusson, author of the article „The New Utilization Movement“. In the article he discusses the Icelandic fishing industry and the ocean cluster and how successfully Icelanders have been able to increase the utilization of their catch far beyond other countries. The utilization of each fish is on average 80% while other compatible nations utilize less than 50%.
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