A new white paper by the World Ocean Council analyzes ocean clusters and recommends actions to advance ocean sustainable development.

The Iceland Ocean Cluster‘s work is analyzed as a part of the study.  The white paper states:

„Comprised of a group of experts, engineers, and entrepreneurs in the seafood industry, the Iceland Ocean Cluster manages fisheries with blue technology and exploits the harvested raw materials in maximum level within its value chain. By maximizing the usage of white codfish, the cluster has created a great deal of value added within the fishing industry. The efforts of Iceland Ocean Cluster to utilize 100% of raw material contribute to maintaining fish stocks at biologically sustainable levels. Using the entire fish adds to the value chain, benefitting both buyers as well as the fisheries themselves. Since the benefit of the 100% utilization can be applied when the supplier or fishers are registered and connected within the value chain of the cluster, this idea of 100% utilization helps decrease undocumented fisheries and over fishing.“


We are pleased to be a part of this important study and the large and growing family of ocean clusters.


See report here