On November 19-20, representatives from Norway, Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Denmark and Newfoundland Canada gathered in Copenhagen where a new alliance of ocean clusters in the North Atlantic was founded, the North Atlantic Ocean Cluster Alliance (NOACA). The cooperation is sponsored by NORA and Nordic Innovation and will be lead by Iceland. These countries all have a long history of cooperation and all depend heavily on ocean resources. The objective of the alliance is to support growth and development in ocean related fields by increasing international cooperation. Furthermore, the alliance will serve as a platform for distributing knowledge and identifying new business opportunities.

From the left: Tonnes Kaka Berthelsen (KNAPK, Greenland), Thor Sigfússon (Iceland Ocean Cluster), Steen Sabinsky (Maritime Development Center of Europe), Olav Bardalen (Innovation Norway) and Niels Winther (Vinnúhúsið, Faroe Islands).