The Iceland Ocean Cluster has for the past months organized presentations on the fisheries industry and ocean cluster for students on the final level of elementary school. In total, roughly 2000 enthusiastic students have received presentations and the feedback has been outstanding so far.

“We approach the presentation in a lively manner and focus on the students involvement. The students often don’t know what to expect and we are usually surprised with how interested they are in learning about the marine industry.” says Heiddis Skarphedinsdottir, project manager at the Iceland Ocean Cluster who has organized the presentations along with Sigfus Gudmunsson and Pall Torfason.

The project is part of the Iceland Ocean Cluster’s aim of increasing awareness and interest in the fisheries industry and ocean cluster. For instance, the students get to handle a number of different products from the byproducts of the fish. “Most don’t realize how many products are made from byproducts in Iceland, from dried fish heads to leather, cosmetics and medicinal products. Our goal is to open the student’s eyes about how large and diverse of an industry the ocean cluster is,” says Heiddis.

The presentations are free of charge for schools and are sponsored by TM Insurance and the The Federation of Icelandic Fishing Vessel Owners.