May 24-25the Iceland Ocean Cluster will host a meeting of leaders from marine clusters in the North Atlantic. This meeting is a part of the project “North Atlantic Ocean Clusters” which was initiated by the Iceland Ocean Cluster and supported by Nordic Innovation, NORA and members of the Iceland Ocean Cluster.

Representatives from  marine clusters in Canada, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland and Norway will participate.  The main mission of the project is to observe possibilities for increased cooperation and benchmarking of best practices among the clusters.


The following will participate in the seminar:


Per Erik Dalen, Managing Director, AAKP, Norway

Olav Bardalen, Programme Manager NCE & Arena, Innovation Norway, Norway

Helle Wolter, Chief Coordinator, Maritime Development Center of Europe

Steen Sabinsky, Director, Maritime Development Center of Europe

Tønnes “Kaka” Berthelsen, Deputy Manager, Knapk, Greenland

Robert Wolff, Adviser, Civ., Eng. SINTEF, Norway

Leslie O’Reilly, Managing Director, Oceans Advance, Canada

Finnur Oddsson, Managing Director, Iceland Chamber of Commerce, Iceland

Niels Winther, Advisor, Vinnuhúsið, Faroe Islands

Thor Sigfússon, Managing Director, Iceland Ocean Cluster, Iceland

Vilhjálmur Jens Árnason, Project Managaer, Iceland Ocean Cluster, Iceland.

Elvar Knútur Valsson, Special Adviser, Ministry of Industri Energy and Tourism.


„We strongly believe there are great opportunities in further cooperation among the marine clusters in the North Atlantic,“ says Thor Sigfusson, founder and Managing Director of the Iceland Ocean Cluster.  „We see different strengths in marine knowledge in  different countries which combined could strengthen the whole region.“