The Iceland Ocean Cluster presented two start-ups with awards during the opening ceremony of the Icelandic ocean exhibition for their outstanding concepts and innovations that improve the environment and reduce pollution.

SideWind is a start-up that aims to produce a horizontally arranged vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) inside a wall-free container to capture the wind energy flowing over cargo ships. The energy required by cargo ships can then be generated by these wind turbines to a maximum of 10%. SideWind’s founders are Maria Kristin Thrastardottir and Oskar Svavarsson.

Alvar is an innovative company that has created disinfection solutions for fishing boats and all kinds of fish processing facilities where high-quality processing is carried out. Research shows that using the technique Alvar uses with its systems, it is possible to significantly reduce the formation of bacteria in processes and products. The company’s fogging system is already used in many parts of the world with good results. The use of water and chemical disinfectants during disinfection is also reduced by 80–90% thanks to this method. Alvar was founded by Ragnar Olafsson.