Our global population is growing and with it, our organic food waste, in fact in 2021 alone, 931 million metric tonnes of food produced was wasted.  This is both economically wasteful and environmentally impactful.

One way we can address this issue is through circular economies.  Circular economies are systems that close the loop between production and consumption and offer potential to cut-down, or even eliminate our food waste, including by-products from the seafood sector.

But, there has often been a gap between the idea and implementation of circular economies.

The Iceland Ocean Cluster has initiated a global program called 100% Fish, that seeks to close this gap and spread the message that there is an opportunity to use or reuse every part of the seafood that we produce.

A short analysis has been produced by the Iceland Ocean Cluster to share more details about how we can re-imagine our seafood value chains from an innovative circular idea to the establishment of a novel circular company.

You can read the analysis here.