The Iceland Ocean Cluster will open a food hall in Reykjavík Harbor, due for completion by 2016. Located on the ground floor of Ocean Cluster House, Reykjavík Seafood Hall will be the first of its kind in Iceland and a great addition to Reykjavík’s cultural and culinary scene, offering some of Iceland’s best foodstuffs, specialising in what Iceland does best: seafood and traditional Icelandic products. 

The addition of seafood hall will create a unique combination. “On the 2nd floor of the Ocean Cluster House we showcase over 50 seafood related companies, many of which are leaders in developing clever green solutions for the fishing sector, health goods from fish by-products, sustainable seafood and much more” says Thor Sigfusson, CEO of the Iceland Ocean Cluster. “On the ground floor we will have Reykjavík Seafood Hall. This way, you get a taste of what is best in Icelandic food downstairs, and then you will also have the opportunity to experience how we are developing incredibly diverse products from our sustainable and natural resources upstairs.”