Three projects within the Iceland Ocean Cluster recently received recognitions for outstanding success in 2014. These recognitions are intended to encourage cluster cooperation of businesses in product development, marketing, sales and other areas. The projects awarded are Flavour of Iceland, Green Marine Technology and Ocean Excellence

Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson, Iceland’s Minister of Fisheries, handed the acknowledgements to the representatives of the businesses involved in the projects on Thursday at the Ocean Cluster House.

Flavour of Iceland is an initiative of logistics provider TVG-Zimsen, ship supplier Ekran and other businesses to promote food and drink sales to cruise ships. The project was initiated trough the cooperation of logistics companies in the Iceland Ocean Cluster and lead to increased sales by 70% in 2014. The implementation and preparation of the project has been outstanding.

Ocean Excellence is a spin-off business from the Iceland Ocean Cluster, engineering firm Mannvit, technology firm Samey and fish processor Haustak. Ocean Excellence provides processing solutions and consultation for advanced seafood processing. Ocean Excellence gained global attention upon presenting its high-tech modular fish drying unit at the Brussels Seafood Expo in April last year.

Green Marine Technology is a joint marketing initiative of ten Icelandic technology firms that provide environmentally sound and cost saving technology solutions for fishing and fish processing. The businesses involved are Trefjar, Navis, Naust Marine, Samey, 3X Technology, ThorIce, Promens, Polar Trawl Doors, Marport and D-SAN. Green Marine Technology received considerable media attention internationally in 2014.

We congratulate the involved businesses and wish for a productive 2015.