Last Wednesday, Codland was introduced in an open meeting in Kvikan, Grindavik where the Codland team went through the latest developments in Codland. The meeting was well attended by people from various companies throughout Iceland, members from the Grindavik Town Council, members of parliament as well as Iceland’s minister of fisheries and agriculture, Mr. Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson. The Iceland Ocean Cluster and Codland wish to thank everyone that attended. The photo below shows the staff of Codland and IOC together with Mr. Sigurdur Ingi, minister of fisheries and agriculture.

From the left: Leifur Thorbergsson, Arnar Jonsson, Saga Huld Helgadottir, Bjarki Vigfusson, Heiddis Skarphedinsdottir, Kristin Yr Petursdóttir, Pall Asgeir Torfason, Vidar Hafsteinsson, Haukur M. Gestsson, Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson, Gunnar Sandholt, Sveinn B. Magnússon, Kristinn Jon Olafsson, Fridrik Bjornsson and Margret Albertsdottir.