The Iceland Ocean cluster introduces a new project sharing website named “Verkefnamidlun”. This gives companies and students the opportunity to get closer in a systematic way.

The website now offers 50 projects for students. They are of a vast variety from small semester projects and possible PhD research. Some projects are even in a form of a summer job.

With this new initiative schools and industry will connect even more and students will gain professional experience working with real projects for working companies. At the same time companies will get the chance to connect with interesting and ambitious students who are willing to work on projects that need to be done.

A group of representatives from universities and colleges who offer marine related studies are the people behind the idea and with the help of the Iceland Ocean cluster and a grant from the Entrepreneur fund at Íslandsbanki bank the initiative has come to life.

Log on to to view the website and what it has to offer (the website is in Icelandic).