Here, at the Iceland Ocean Cluster, we are happy to welcome aboard our newest intern, Kate Scott Stewart, with her unique blend of artistry, storytelling skills, and passion for the environment.

Kate comes to us from the US with rich experiences. Currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Design & New Environments from Listaháskóli Islands, her academic journey has been driven by a passion for narrative-driven design. In her own words, she shares:

“As an artist, storyteller, and researcher, I specialize in creating meaningful narratives across various mediums, including books, material objects, and visual storytelling. With a background in psychology and advertising, I am particularly interested in the intersection of material culture, symbolism, and iconography, exploring how these elements shape human understanding and folk culture over time – specifically within Arctic and sub-Arctic islands.

My upbringing on the secluded island of Daufuskie, nestled between South Carolina and Georgia, deeply influenced my connection to the ocean and its many gifts. The island’s rich history, centered around the mighty oyster, instilled in me a reverence for natural materials and sustainable practices.

Today, I am passionate about leveraging design and storytelling to promote environmental stewardship and celebrate the interconnectedness of humanity and nature.”

To see more about Kate’s work, visit her website at