Víðistaðaskóli in Hafnarfjörður greeted our staff, Heiðdís and Sigfús very well this morning. They attended class at 8:10 am to introduce the fishing industry to students in 10th grade at this elementary school.

This presentation is a part of a project which has been in progress since summer 2012. It´s aim is to increase awareness and interest among young people in the fishing industry. For the past decades the interest among our young generations in the fishing industry has decreased and these presentations are a way to turn this around.

Ms. Heiðdís and Mr. Sigfús have visited six elementary schools in the Reykjanes Peninsula, the elementary school and college of the Vestman Islands and three schools in Hafnarfjörður. Representatives of the schools have greeted them well as do the students which reflects in interesting questions.

This work will continue until the spring and next in the program are more schools in Hafnarfjörður and Garðabær.

For those interested in knowing more about the project, please contact Ms. Heiðdís Skarphéðinsdóttir directly at heiddis@sjavarklasinn.is.