The Iceland Ocean Cluster welcomes Eloïse Tomei, a french student joining us for a three months internship. 

Eloïse is a French student pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Business and Applied Foreign Languages at the University of Nantes, in France. Nantes is located in the north west part of France, and is renowned for its maritime history and heritage in the shipbuilding industry. Nowadays, it is the sixth biggest city of France, and is very dynamic economically and culturally. Eloïse has great interest in joining companies that work for the purpose of combining business, innovation and sustainability, especially in the blue economy. During her studies, she has acquired knowledge in business strategy, finance analysis, marketing, and supply chain management. She reinforced those skills during her internship at Eurofins Testing Laboratories, where she joined the sales department for the French Beverages and Aromas’s commercial hub. Today, Eloïse is delighted to join the Iceland Ocean Cluster in their mission to foster innovation and sustainability in the blue economy. She will be writing her Master’s research on the future of the Verbúð incubator program for the international network.