Today we had a great visit from 28 students and their professors from the International Business Seminars group from the United States, led by Hillary Fuller.  On this program students travel globally to meet inspiring business leaders.  During the visit the students were introduced to the Iceland Ocean Cluster, the 100% fish movement and given an introduction to the blue innovation sector in Iceland.

Following this visit, the Iceland Ocean Cluster hosted and panel and question and answer session facilitated and organised jointly by Geko and Startup Iceland.  This panel shown in the photo brought leaders in the innovation sector in Iceland (both Icelanders and foreign born innovators that call Iceland home).  The panel was moderated by Kathryn Gunnarsson from Geko with participants from Frumtak – Svana Gunnarsdóttir, from Float and Gather ehf. and WomenTechIceland – Paula Gould, KLAK-Icelandic Startups – Kristín Soffía Jónsdóttir, Running Tide, Kría and Northstack – Kristinn Árni Hróbjartsson, and Marel – Charlotte Jónsdóttir Biering.

Many topics were discussed.  How Iceland is a petri-dish for innovation companies, how Iceland must export and grow overseas and what the brand of the Icelandic innovation scene might be.  The conversation flowed toward the importance of fostering diversity in all its forms in the Icelandic innovations sector and how to do this best. It is exciting times in Iceland for innovation and a time when diversity and inclusion will be key to future growth.

More about the International Business Seminars can be found here.

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