The Nordic Innovation Marketing Program is looking for university students to participate in an exiting international challenge:
From October 29th to November 2nd 2012, students from all the Nordic countries will assemble at the Faroe Islands to take on a marine sector related challenge in a four days boot camp. The challenge is presented by related members in the sector that are looking for fresh and innovative ideas. The whole trip will be recorded and the video will be used to promote the marine sector within Europe as a thrilling career option.
The project is a cooperation between organizations in Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Faroe Island and is founded by Nordic Innovation.
NIMMP is looking for 18 university students with different backgrounds such as in business, engineering, nutrition, biology or other studies, people who have been working in the marine sector or total amateurs, just about anyone interested and willing to take full part in this program. Flight and accommodation free of charge!
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