Yesterday, Iceland Ocean Cluster took part in a panel discussion about innovation in upcycling as part of the Climate Smart Food Digital Event in a great discussion session hosted by Oliver Morrison from Food Navigator.

This panel was a great opportunity to hear about some great strategies and innovations driving new trends in the circular economy and overall reducing global food waste.  The Iceland Ocean Cluster shared some of the exciting cases of reducing food waste will creating value in the seafood sector and we were joined by Aurora Giribuola from IFF, Dan Kurzrock from Regrained and Trond Løvdal from Nofima for a lively conversation about reducing food waste, improving the health of the planet and bringing exciting new ideas to market.

The panel will be shown as part of the Climate Smart Food Digital Summit 2022 at 14:30 CET in the Thursday 22nd September session on “Sustainable production and consumption” and the event is free to register and attend online: Climate Smart Food 2022 – Programme (

Great to bring fisheries, domestic and commercial food waste topics together in this session for cross-sectoral learning!