Over 400 guests attended the grand opening of a new phase in the Ocean Cluster House today in Reykjavik, Iceland. This is the third expansion phase of the Ocean Cluster House since its inauguration in 2012, which is now occupied by over 50 marine-focused businesses. Later this month, restaurant Bergsson RE will begin serving fresh seafood sourced from the Reykjavik Fish Market located on the ground floor below the house itself. 

To celebrate the expansion, the Ocean Cluster House tenants and other businesses involved in the Iceland Ocean Cluster showcased their most recent products and innovations.  A 3D printer, remote-controlled trawl doors, extra virgin cod liver oil, collagen-protein from cod skin and delicious chocolate with sea salt were among exciting products shown.

“We now occupy the whole upper floor in this large house. Bergsson RE will be the jewel in our crown where you can enjoy the freshest seafood with a gorgeous view over the harbor and Reykjavik” says Eva Michelsen, the CEO of the Ocean Cluster House.

The Iceland Ocean Cluster operates the House in cooperation with the Associated Icelandic Ports. “We are extremely satisfied with the unique mixture of innovative businesses that forms this community, which in fact is becoming the largest of its kind in the world” says Thor Sigfusson, CEO of the Iceland Ocean Cluster. “We have small, large, new and old businesses in various areas and we are seeing exciting cooperation taking place.”

The opening was sponsored by Brim, Promens, Saemark, Islandsbanki, Blue Lagoon, The Federation of Icelandic Industries, Lex, Frumtak, Vodafone, Associated Icelandic Ports and NSA Ventures.

Pictures (by Joseph Hall):

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