According to a new research done by the Iceland Ocean Cluster, 48 companies in Iceland are focused mainly on developing products from fish byproducts. Without doubt this is most probably a world record – at least if compared to population! The largest group consists of companies in liver development; omega oils and canning of liver. The second largest group are companies drying fish heads using geothermal power. It is also astonishing to see the growth in fish skin development in Iceland; fish leather, accessories from fish leather, chitin from crustacean shells, collagen powder from whitefish for various food and skin products including collagen, and finally medical skin products to heal human wounds. Also, several companies are creating pet food or fish meal from byproducts. On this list are also companies developing enzymes from fish intestines, fish protein, calcium from fish bones and children’s medicine from omega oils just to name few. We are extremely proud that many of the startups in this field – and they are many – have found the OC House to be a good platform for their growth.

The New Fish Wave is just unstoppable!