The Iceland Ocean Cluster and Startup Iceland have signed an agreement strengthening their relationship and networks. The agreement gives the entrepreneurs in the Ocean Cluster House access to training from Startup Iceland and its founder Bala Kamallakharan. Kamallakharan has extensive experience coaching and guiding entrepreneurs in the startup community.

The Ocean Cluster House accomodates close to 50 companies and two incubators occupied by Herberia, Ankra, Arctic Seafood, Fisherman, Breki, Margildi, Brum and other startups. The incubators are operated with dedicated support of Brim, Eimskip, Icelandair Cargo and Mannvit.

The main objective of the collaboration is to strengthen the entrepreneurs and startups in the Ocean Cluster House and to grow investors interest and understanding of the opportunities in full utilisation of seafood products and other initiatives in ocean related businesses.

The agreement will be introduced today, May 28th at 15:00 at Bergsson RE at the Ocean Cluster House.