I am beyond excited to announce that today we celebrate the five-year anniversary of the Iceland Ocean Cluster (IOC). On May 30th 2011, the founding of IOC was formally announced.

Five years later, the thriving cluster continues to grow, representing client partners of all sizes in ocean related industries in Iceland. We are recognized as being an important accelerator in Iceland’s largest industry in terms of value added. Our Ocean Cluster House started with 10 companies in 2012 with a staff of 30. Today the Ocean Cluster House has 64 companies with a staff of close to 170 people.

Words cannot begin to describe the immense pride we have for the different teams of partner businesses and entrepreneurs who have launched over 30 projects and start-up companies which many are already thriving businesses. The initiated companies range from start-ups in biotechnology and full utilization of seafood products to companies offering new technology solutions for seafood processing.

Our mission: To use the clustering approach to challenge entrepreneurs and companies to link up and create value.

We are looking forward to continuing to be a world leading cluster and accelerator in seafood. We encourage you to follow the future of our journey on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn

– Thor Sigfusson, Founder and CEO