One of the most extensive projects of Iceland Ocean Cluster in the ten years since it opened has been to foster entrepreneurial companies. The cluster has created a community for startups where they have the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs, larger companies, and investors. The Iceland Ocean Cluster now operates a space of 120 square meters where entrepreneurs can rent offices and shared workspaces close to other entrepreneurs. In addition to these facilities, entrepreneurs have access to the clusters meeting spaces and a variety of services offered by the Iceland Ocean Cluster.


The vision of Faxaports (Associated Icelandic Ports) is to be among the leading ports in the North Atlantic, with an emphasis on developing port infrastructure to bolster Iceland’s competitiveness. Faxaports operate green, safe, and efficient ports with sustainability as a guiding principle. Harbor areas are planned with diverse communities in mind, with an emphasis on sustainability and innovation in harbor-related activities. The impressive work among the start-up companies in the cluster house is aligned with the future vision and strategy of Faxaports. Faxaports believe a focus on innovation is very important, so the ports can be a driving force in business and industry in the Faxafloi Bay.


In all, around 100 innovative companies have used the entrepreneur centre of the cluster house since it opened in 2012. The entrepreneur centre has proven to be a valuable springboard for these innovative companies. The companies located in the Iceland Ocean Cluster include Ankra/Feel Iceland, Norðursalt, Optitog, Fisherman, Flow, Nordic Wasabi, Norðurbragð, Oculis, Florealis, Codland, Dropi, Fisheries Technologies and Collagen. The support of Faxaports is an important part of promoting increased activity and the establishment of innovative companies in the Faxafloi Bay.