The Iceland Ocean Cluster will advice The Maine Technology Institute, Portland, Maine regarding how Maine can expand its aquaculture cluster to promote innovation and prosperity through the sustainable use of ocean resources and the development and marketing of new products.

Aquaculture is a core industry for Maine. In 2011, Iceland launched its Ocean Cluster program to facilitate networking, product development and trade opportunities for Iceland’s ocean related industries. The Iceland Ocean Cluster (IOC) has expanded with the creation of the North Atlantic Ocean Cluster Alliance in partnership with Greenland, Norway, Canada, Denmark, and the Faroe Islands. Sweden and Ireland are moving to join this cluster.

Dr. Thor Sigfusson will present the IOC to a group of entrepreneurs and institutions in Maine, march 13-14. „We believe we can learn from each other,“ says Thor Sigfusson, „ and this meeting in Maine will hopefully become only the first part of future cluster relationships between Maine and Iceland.“