Eimskip is one of the IOC’s first members, and we are proud to see them reach a major milestone on their journey to sustainability with the electrification of the gantry cranes Stormur and Grettir. That means that all four Eimskip gantry cranes have been electrified, which is not an easy task to achieve. Eimskip’s electricians and mechanics took a direct part in the project along with foreign partners, but the technical equipment of the cranes had to be changed to use electricity from land instead of diesel engines. This project is a part of a portfolio of sustainability projects which aims to reduce Eimskip’s carbon footprint by 40% by 2030 which furthermore is directly linked to the UN‘s global goal of climate action which Eimskip emphasizes.

Other projects within the portfolio involve an agreement with the Norwegian company Blueday Technology AS for the design and construction of equipment for electric land connection of ships in Sundahöfn, the engineering company Efla will oversee the project. An agreement has also been made with the company SairNico on changes to electrical controls on board Eimskip’s newest vessels, Brúarfoss and Dettifoss. The land connection will replace the noisy auxiliary engine that drives electricity and necessary equipment on board. With the land connection, oil consumption will be reduced by 160 metric tons per year, equivalent to 24 laps around the earth on a passenger car. Last year, a letter of intent between the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, Associated Icelandic Ports, Veitur Utilities, City of Reykjavík, and Eimskip on the construction and operation of land connection for vessels in Sundahöfn.

This is an important milestone in energy exchange at Sundahöfn. Congratulations Eimskip!