Cod Day

On September 24 the Iceland Ocean Cluster and Ocean Cluster House will celebrate Cod Day for the first time. On Cod Day we open the Ocean Cluster House for the public and media and give the companies in our network an opportunity to introduce their work, technology and products related to the North-Atlantic cod. 

On Cod Day a number of Icelandic companies in the food industry, skin care, nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical industry, processing technology and even fashion will present their newest products. We open the Ocean Cluster House at 14:00. Participating companies will be randomly placed around the House and guests are welcome to walk around, chat and be surprised by the various innovative uses of cod products in Iceland.

Cod Day will also be hosted by our friends at the New England Ocean Cluster, Portland Maine,  and in Nuuk, Greenland on September 20 in cooperation with KNAPK and Sermersooq Business Council.

Sponsors of Cod Day: Marel, Þorbjörn, Vinnslustöðin, Skinney-Þinganes and Hraðfrystihúsið-Gunnvör.