The Iceland Ocean Cluster has listed 12 innovative small companies and startups from Blue Iceland to watch in 2022. We see strong trends towards the circular economy among these blue stars; creating value from “waste”, protecting the ocean and moving our seafood industry into the health and tech sphere!:
Hefring Marine is going global with its intelligent vessel navigation solution.
With their Næra snacks, this startup is making a splash with healthy snacks from natural ingredients.
This startup’s aim is to unblock shipping digital conduits and transform how the shipping industry uses data.
Optitog’s game changing technology uses light beam technology for fishing.
This innovative biotech company is pioneering the development of therapeutic chitin derivatives.
This company was nominated to the Nordic Environmental Awards for their technology which ensures food safety and reduces food waste.
Is this startup a future leader in innovative biodegradable bioplastics?

Eylif’s passion is to improve peoples lives with natural ingredients from blue Iceland.
The Taramar skin care brand is sold globally and is backed by extensive seeweed research.
This startup is developing sustainable hydrogen infrastructure that will further not only the decarbonisation of Iceland’s fishing fleet but the whole world.
This company is taking hydrolyzed salmon protein to the next level and has received global attention among leading athletes.
Algalif’s is a producer of axtazhantin. Their microalgae plant, using cultivated water and 100% sustainable enegy has received global attention.

There were many runner up candidates; Margildi, Marine Collagen, Tracio, Matorka, Primex, Omegaalgae, Arcanabio, Nordic Fish Leather, North, Feel Iceland, Feed the Viking, Sæbýli, various startups in fish and algae farming … Remember the runner up is very often the next nominee!

Congratulations to the blue stars for your achievements!