A new agreement has been signed that paves the way for a real boost to the target of 100% fish.

Last week at the 2022 Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona, Robert Focke the Managing Director of BAADER and Dr. Thor Sigfusson the Founder of the Iceland Ocean Cluster signed a membership agreement.  We happily welcome BAADER to the 100%fish and zero-waste mission and the extensive new ideas and opportunities to re-think fisheries side streams that such a partnership will bring.

BAADER are a future-proofed company with a portfolio of value-adding processing for proteins and food, bringing a solution-orientated perspective to the 100% fish mission.

“BAADER is one of the biggest and oldest players in the fish processing industry and as such we have a responsibility to treat livestock with care as well as provide the necessary solutions to our customers to make the most of it – ideally using all of it” says Petra Baader, Executive Chairwoman at BAADER.

“In the seafood world, millions of tons of fish co-products are discarded in landfills, which is both costly and a source of greenhouse gas emissions” says Thor Sigfusson, Founder at the Iceland Ocean Cluster.