Abstract artist, Christy Kill, donated the pair of paintings “On the Shores of Iceland” to the Ocean Cluster in February 2019. During a beach cleanup in Sandvík, she was surprised by the amount of trash along the shore and was compelled to translate the experience to canvas. In the paintings, she contrasts items she found that day with the deep, beautiful blues of the ocean. These artworks were exhibited on a slideshow during ArtBasel Miami in December 2017.

Christy works to create balance and positivity through color in each of her paintings. She grew up in Atlanta, has lived around the world for the last 10 years and is currently finding inspiration in Iceland. She has given proceeds and paintings to several NGOs and charities that serve children and the environment.

Christy’s hope is that we all—from individuals to large corporations to governments—embody a responsibility for our land, oceans and animals that is selfless, creative and compassionate.

See more of Christy’s work at www.christykillart.com

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