We are pleased to announce that ALVAR Mist ehf. and the Iceland Ocean Cluster have signed an agreement of cooperation. With this cooperation agreement, ALVAR becomes a member of the Iceland Ocean Cluster, and they also intend to work together to assist seafood companies around the world with aspirations to increase sustainability in the fishing industry as improved disinfection technology for fishing vessels and all types of fish processing can have a positive impact on the ocean’s sustainability. ALVAR’s operations began in the Iceland Ocean Cluster in 2014, and have since then grown substantially. Now its headquarters are stationed in the capital region of Iceland with hundreds of systems installed around Europe and North America.

ALVAR’s mist system contributes to an 80-90% reduction in the use of water and chemical disinfectants during disinfection, thereby contributing to environmentally friendly production. With ALVAR Mist ehf, we are optimistic about an environmentally friendly future.