The Alaska Ocean Cluster (AOC) and Iceland Ocean Cluster (IOC), have signed an MOU to initiate collaboration between the two bodies to achieve a stronger cooperative platform. The main focus will be to foster developments between the two clusters. Justin Sternberg, Blue Pipeline Director of the Alaska Ocean Cluster and Thor Sigfusson, founder of the IOC, signed the agreement today.

The idea for the Alaska Ocean Cluster was initiated by Bering Sea Fishermen´s Association after introduction to the Iceland Ocean Cluster model in 2013.

The AOC will become the fourth ocean cluster in the US to become a member of the Ocean Cluster Network. This network´s vision is to create a context for its clusters that bolsters entrepreneurial growth, trains and attracts worldwide talent, and spurs cooperative innovation. Other members of this network are The New England Ocean Cluster, The New Bedford Ocean Cluster and The Pacific Northwest Ocean Cluster.

The Ocean Cluster Network promotes dynamic networks and relationships among businesses and entrepreneurs to maximize the creation of new ideas, responsible management of natural resources and lucrative opportunities for collaboration.

For further information, please contact Justin Sternberg tel. +1 4154249067 or Thor Sigfusson tel. +3546186200