On January 10th a new Bilateral Initiative kicked-off.  This EEA Grant project is led by the great team at Portuguese B2E CoLAB called Roadmap4MarineCoproducts brings together strategic partners from the Norwegian Seafood Innovation cluster (NCE Seafood Innovation) and our team at the Iceland Ocean Cluster, this brings together almost 200 entities for a collaboration and knowledge transfer activity.  The project will focus on “framework design of the Portuguese Roadmap for marine co-product valorisation – lessons learned from Norway and Iceland”.   From this collaboration, Portugal will identify the best business ideas, low-hanging fruit and circular economy practices.

For Iceland Ocean Cluster, we are very happy to be working with such motivated partners to learn from each other and to share the learnings from the experience of 100% fish, and doing more with less with Icelandic seafood.

For more information, contact us at oceancluster@oceancluster.is and find more details here: What can Portugal learn from Norway and Iceland on marine coproducts valorization? – B2E – Blue BioEconomy CoLab