Ten technology firms in fisheries are working together on introducing technological solutions world wide that excel in green technology and at the same time contribute to environmental improvements..The solutions are based on better energy utilization, less oil consumption of machinery, better utilization of materials etc.

This has been a work in progress for the past 18 months and the aim is to strengthen cooperation among technology firms and introduce excellent Icelandic technology for world wide fisheries and processing.

A special map has been created which shows how the technology is used in fisheries around the world. The Designer of the map is Darri Úlfsson and the company Borgarmynd.

The website, www.greenmarinetechnology.is, which was formally introduced this morning, shows the companies profiles and the solutions they have to offer. The project is a result of cooperation among the following technology firms within the Iceland Ocean Cluster: 3X Technology, Dis, Marport, Naust Marine, Navis, Pólar togbúnaður, Prómens, Samey, ThorIce og Trefjar.