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We operate a cluster collaboration with over 70 companies of all size and types. With us, companies gain a platform to collaborate with other companies, strengthen relationship with entrepreneurs and participate in collaborative projects and new companies.

The Iceland Ocean Cluster (IOC) started in 2012. In the beginning, twelve companies had offices in the facilities but there are now over 70 companies of different sizes which represent every part of the ocean value chain in Iceland, from fisheries to seafood biotech companies. The companies range from newly established companies that are taking their first steps to well-established ones.

The building employs around 120 people from over 12 countries.  The IOC is a community of these companies and a platform for them to create new value together. Our data says that over 70% of the companies in the Ocean Cluster have collaborated with another company in this facility.


30 glass offices, 8 meeting rooms, 2 breakout rooms, restaurant, large dining area and a food hall. The house is a perfect working space.

The Ocean Cluster (OC) House is a place with different resources which are linked to the ocean – fishermen and seafood processing technicians, product designers, marketing and sales teams, inventors, social media specialists, biochemists, marine biologists etc. The entrepreneurs use their relationship skills to observe these resources, exchange and test new ideas on them and try to form a coalition with those they see fit.

The Cluster management has carefully selected the companies so that they represent a variety of knowledge and skills but still have a common thread. Furthermore, the companies which part of the cluster but do not have space in the House, form an extended network  of collaborations with the startups and companies in house.

Other countries are likely to set up similar centers in the future

Nordic Labour Journal

The Ocean Cluster House is commonly refered to as the Sillicon Valley of White Fish

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Human Progress

 The OC House is an excellent example of how private sector investment can lead to growth

Paul R. LePage

Former Governor of Maine

The Iceland Ocean Cluster demonstrates the benefits of sustainable ocean clustering
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Iceland Ocean Cluster House is a world leader in seafood innovation
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There are over 70 companies in the Iceland Ocean Cluster House

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