Are you interested in studying about the blue economy? Now you can jump start a career in the blue economy in Iceland; a country that is a global leader in everything relating to fish.

The Ocean Academy is offering a seminar in the winter (starts January 14th 2021) which focuses on innovation and startups in seafood related industries, how to increase value in various types of fish species, from whitefish to crustacean shells. This seminar provides the student with a strong overview of innovation and opportunities in seafood related industries and sustainable ocean activities.

We hope this seminar will make you better positioned to gain employment in this competitive field.  With the seminar, which is held in the Ocean Cluster House in Iceland, you also have an opportunity to get an insight into the workings of an ocean cluster and how to setup a cluster in your own region.

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Practical information

  • The seminar starts January 14th and ends with graduation April 18th.
  • We have a special introductory prize now of 1.500$ USD. (does not include housing, accommodation or transportation)
  • The seminar is held in the Ocean Cluster House in downtown Reykjavík.

For more information please contact our project manager Sara Guðmundsdóttir via email

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