Integration and utilization of public data

The integration of public data with data from seafood companies is, in many cases, still somewhat primitive and manually processed instead of utilizing available technological solutions. A prime example of this is the registration of so-called “VS-catch,” which is a catch landed outside the quota of the fishing vessel that catches it, and the value of the catch goes into the Seafood Industry Project Fund. The fish market that auctions the catch is responsible for depositing the value of the catch into the treasury, minus dock fees and the cost of the auction. Data on landed catches are submitted to the Directorate of Fisheries, which manually reviews them, often several months later, creating unnecessary complexity.

The Ocean Cluster House and Reiknistofa fiskmarkaða are seeking a solution to this challenge and wish to get in touch with individuals or companies that can facilitate the integration of data from the public sector with data from seafood companies.