Energy-efficiency in fishmeal production

One of the most valuable by-products of the Icelandic seafood industry is fishmeal, with the total export value of the meal in 2022 being 67 billion ISK. A challenge that fishmeal producers in Iceland face is the shortage of electricity. This has led to meal producers having to resort to alternative energy sources, which has proven costly and a step backward for the environment. One way to counteract this development is to improve energy savings further or invent entirely new, more energy-efficient production methods to create protein from the raw materials used in fishmeal production today. Another route is to explore alternative energy sources other than fossil fuels to generate steam for the factories.

The Ocean Cluster House and Héðinn are looking for innovative ideas to reduce the energy consumption of meal factories. If you have the knowledge and interest in participating in an important project, please get in apply here below, if there are any further questions please email