Completed projects

Great Lakes project

The “100% Fish Great Lakes Project” aims for full utilization of commercially-caught fish in the Great Lakes by 2025, focusing initially on whitefish. This initiative, supported by 15 regional companies, seeks to productively use every part of the fish, reducing waste and maximizing economic benefits. The project promises significant economic returns, job creation, and rural economy development, extending beyond mere food use. It represents a collaborative effort to transform fish utilization in the region, emphasizing sustainability and efficiency.

Hack the Ocean

Hack the Ocean 2023 is a Nordic Innovation-funded hackathon project, dedicated to fostering a sustainable ocean economy. It promotes the simultaneous execution of diverse marine activities in shared spaces. In collaboration with the Iceland Ocean Cluster, the project encourages innovative minds to propose solutions for multi-use marine activities. Its core mission is to drive collaboration and innovative problem-solving in addressing maritime challenges, aiming to revolutionize the utilization of marine resources for enhanced sustainability and efficiency.