The Iceland Ocean Cluster (IOC) is an industrial cluster located in Reykjavik, Iceland, focused on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the marine and seafood industries. The cluster was founded in 2011, by Dr. Þór Sigfusson, with the goal of bringing together companies, organisations, and individuals involved in the Icelandic seafood industry, as well as related industries such as biotechnology and renewable energy.

The IOC provides a collaborative environment for members to share knowledge, resources, and expertise, and to foster innovation with the development of new products and technologies. It also offers a range of services, including business incubation, market research, and networking opportunities, to help members grow and succeed.

The cluster has a broad focus, with members involved in everything from fishing and aquaculture to seafood processing, packaging, and distribution. In addition, the IOC has developed partnerships with research institutions and universities to promote innovation and research in the marine and seafood industries.

The Iceland Ocean Cluster has gained international recognition as a model for sustainable development and economic growth in the seafood industry, and has inspired the creation of similar clusters in other parts of the world.


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