Do you want to set up an ocean cluster?

The Iceland Ocean Cluster is building a network of ocean clusters globally with the aim to strengthen ocean industries in coastal areas worldwide and increase awareness of the blue economy. The following ocean clusters have already been established:

New England Ocean Cluster
Long Island Sound Ocean Cluster
New Bedford Ocean Cluster
Alaska Ocean Cluster
Ocean Cluster Faroes
Pacific Northwest Ocean Cluster

As our network grows, we see various strengths in the personal and business relationship network which is being formed.

If you want to establish an ocean cluster in your own region and join our network, you can contact us, and we can assist you in forming your cluster.

The ocean clusters that are up and running are different in terms of ownership structure and character. Some are privately owned and for profit, others are non-profits and operated as associations. We do not set any requirements regarding ownership structure or form of operation. Our main concern is for the ocean cluster in each area to become a vibrant part of the new blue economy movement, which is characterized by dynamic startup world, enthusiasm for environmental issues and sustainable and full utilization of ocean resources.

The value of the Ocean Cluster Network lies in:

– Access to knowledge and business
– Sharing best practices
– Building trust and reputation
– Easier to seek international grants that require multi-country collaboration

We recommend for you to read the book “The New Fish Wave” by Dr. Thor Sigfusson, founder of the IOC. This book gives a fairly thorough road map of how to build and operate an ocean cluster.

We offer guidance, advice, and training regarding the establishment of an ocean cluster. Following are our three packages we offer to our growing network and newcomers.

Our offerings

Swimming around – $5,000

– Introductory package (incl. book, hands-on experience, how to do the mapping, general advise etc.)
– Q&A web meeting with IOC staff member

Customized Package

We also offer a customized package that allows our customers to choose or personalize the service they receive. Please contact us for further information about this package.

Deep Dive – $50,000

Deep dive is considered for those who have done the initial research work, have secured partners to move forward with and want to establish an Ocean Cluster and facilities.
– Business structure
– Organization set up
– Location advice
– Cost structure for rental and member fees
– Operational guidelines
– Design advise on flow and house structure
– IOC senior advisor visit to location
– Access to Ocean Cluster Network

If you are interested to receive more information, please contact us at